To: New entrepreneurs and people in career transition

Are You Fed Up With This Frustrating Job Market?
Are You Eager to Start Making Great Money with
Your Proven Talents?


Discover how I
—a laid-off mother of 3—
started to make more money
Freelancing & Consulting
for High-Paying Corporate Clients than I  had ever imagined at my dead-end job!

You Can Start Winning High-Paying Corporate Freelance and Consulting Assignments in the Specialty of Your Choice in 30 Days or Less.

All the facts you need to conquer your doubts.
EXACTLY what to do and how to do it.

Put your checkbook in the black and enjoy the opportunities and income you deserve.

Let me show you how I started my money flow and restored my self-esteem as a freelancer and consultant .... after getting canned 4 times!
(If I can do it, so can you!)

Dear Aspiring Freelancer or Consultant:

I'll never forget the day I came home from work and prepared to give my three children the bad news.

My eyes were red from sobbing in the car, but I tried to pull myself together as I stacked up cardboard boxes of framed photos and used pens by my home desk.

"I have something to tell you," I started, struggling to hold back the tears.

"You've been fired again, right?"

Leave it to a kid to cut right to the chase.

Yes, it was true.

It was "again" that really stung.

You see, despite my proven marketing and writing skills, employment troubles followed me like my shadow.

This was the fourth time I'd been kicked out of payroll jobs.

First it was after disability leave expired (I'm fine now, thank God), but the next two times were "female problems" -- in other words, office politics.

The fourth time I refused to commit unethical practices and they dumped me the following Friday. (They didn't explain why, but I could guess.)

So here I was again. Unemployed and short on funds.

I Made My Decision in an Instant

I would immediately re-start my home business as a freelancer and consultant
while looking for another "real" job

However, I had a serious problem: While I had clients in the past, I lost almost all of them each time I accepted a full-time job.

I make no apologies for letting freelance fall by the wayside. I devoted myself to each corporate job, even taking extra work home. Plus I raised three children on my own and tried to have a life.

But here I was back at square one . . . again. Almost no clients, and leads as cold as stainless steel in December.

But the fourth time was the charm. I knew the best way to start over
. . . and this is exactly what you need to know in today's discouraging job market.

I quickly got my first paying assignments and soon had something -- or several somethings -- on my plate at all times. I'll show you exactly what I did. And why it worked!

Sick of This Job Market?
Desperate for Something Better?

The current job market is broken. Seriously dysfunctional.

At best it's a numbers game. But even sending out hundreds of resumes and regularly attending networking events isn't working. Right?

You know you are talented. You are proud of your work experience and impressive successes, but employers don't give you the respect you deserve.

It's not your fault. You are doing all the right stuff.

The problem is too many people chasing too few jobs. So you continue to revise your already perfect resume and practice firm handshakes with your unemployed peers.

Maybe you are newly unemployed and burning to get work quickly. Or perhaps it has been months and you need a change of pace from the job hunt to restore your self-confidence.

Or you call yourself retired but you'd love to supplement your financial reserves.

Or maybe you have thought about finding freelance and consulting work for quite awhile, but so far you have few--or no--paying assignments.

Problem is you don't have a solid plan to get started. And worse, this miserable job market tempts you to throw in the towel on everything.

You're frustrated--and rightly so. Something has to change!

The Answer Revealed . . .

Don't put all your eggs in the full-time job basket. Instead, use some (or all) your energy and drive to ignite your freelance or consulting practice fast.

Keep reading. This one page will reveal my system for getting great-paying assignments that may be the answer you've been praying for.

I am giving you a revolutionary system that has consistently worked for decades! Not just for me but for many of the big-name marketing gurus (as you'll discover if you look into the details of how they got started).

I'm warning you: my system will take everything you know about how to market your services--or at least what you've been told lately about Facebook, Twitter, the Internet, blogging, networking events, etc. -- and turn it on its ear.

On this very page you are now reading, I share a treasure chest of advice that will change forever how you win freelance and consulting clients and may even change your entire life.

This single page you are now reading will provide more actionable advice than whole books on the subject.

But that's not all. It introduces my ebook manual that answers the questions that keep you tossing and turning all night. If you think the additional information covered in my manual will help, consider buying it.

Or maybe the information here is enough. There's a lot of info right here! You decide.

Fair enough?

Buy Now!

OK, Let's Get Started

First, what is a freelancer? What is a consultant?

These are two labels, among many, that describe independently-employed people offering professional, technical or administrative services to companies. They are not on payroll. Instead, they are paid by the hour, project or other arrangement solely for work performed.

Usage varies by duties and industry. So I've gone largely with the word "solopro," a fresh term for this fresh concept.

Why freelance and consult? Why solopro?

The most obvious reason is the m$ney. These gigs often pay really well. The cash, when calculated by the hour, can be substantial, even astounding, when compared to regular-job salaries.

But there are many more reasons to solopro. Let's try a few on for size. Which ones fit you?

  • It's easier to get solopro work than a full-time job. Lately I'm talking to people who are fed up with the job hunt. Hundreds of resumes for a single opening. Companies that don't acknowledge applications and don't let you know when the job is filled. Game playing in salary administration. Frozen openings. Lowball pay offers. And the list goes on. 

    While everything isn't rosy in the solopro market, you always have several irons in the fire. That fact alone means you are not at the mercy of a single hiring manager.
  • You are employed the very moment you decide to solopro! Sure, it may take a little time to get the money coming in, but you can legitimately call yourself employed right now. After all, marketing is work! So being a solopro fills in the gaps on your resume.
  • You avoid discrimination. Face it, "corporate culture" is a polite way of saying they want people just like them. Happily, age, gender, disability, race and all the other types of discrimination can become a non-issue when you solopro.

    And since they may never meet you in person, they may never discover your age or other potentially discriminatory traits.
  • You can indulge in the pleasures of self-employment. Determine when and where you work. Enjoy being with your children (or grandchildren) after school. Take your elderly parents to daytime doctor appointments. No wonder some people enjoy the solopro life so much that they abandon their job campaign!
  • You can restore your self-confidence and repair your self-esteem. Get past your anger over losing your old job as you succeed at new assignments. You will reignite the enthusiasm you felt once upon a time and love your career once again.
  • Finally (and most important), it's fun! Get back in touch with what you loved about your work.

Bob Kantor

"I was a bit hesitant at first to buy Diana's ebook because there are so many others that sound like they make the same promise. But I was not disappointed! This is much more than a simple ebook. It is a full-scale "how to" program that could easily sell for $97 or $197 and still be a good buy. At ebook prices this is a no-brainer.

"Diana spells out everything for us in this manual, including exactly how to handle the imagined stress of using the telephone to generate business much more quickly than the more popular guidance of the day on using information marketing to pre-sell prospects on your services.

"The guidance in this book is especially valuable at this moment in time if you are among the 10% of the population that is out of work. Unlike all the good books on how to land a job today, which in the end you have very little direct control over, Diana's approach to landing work - vs that elusive job - does give you a proven system to take back control of your life.

"So I highly recommend this product to anyone who has ever toyed with the idea of self employment. Heck... I also recommend it to anyone who has ever worked in a business or office in case they may recognize an opportunity that they had never considered. Call it an early birthday present to yourself!

"In closing, I'd like to suggest to Diana that she start thinking about what comes next. Because I suspect that after getting to know Diana and benefiting greatly from her advice and systems in this ebook, that there will be lots of people who are going to want more..."

Bob Kantor - New York metro area

Here it is! The Proven 3-Step System
You Have Been Waiting For!

Let's look at each of these three steps more closely.

Step 1: Decide to go after assignments similar to your last good job.


Because you are already the expert! Your credentials, networking and work samples put you ahead of the pack.

Corporate executives want you because you will nail their assignments on your own. It's kind of funny (sadly), but it's easier to get a freelance or consulting assignment than a full-time job even though doing the work is more challenging when you have no on-site boss or coworkers to advise you.

But shouldn't I find my dream job?

"Experts" tell you to take time to discover what your heart desires. Get in touch with your passion. Chill out until inspiration strikes.

Now I'm not opposed to living your dream. In fact, if you know what it is, my advice may have you joyfully earning money long before soul searching, journaling and walks along the seashore reveal how to bring in the bucks.

I'm just saying, start by looking at your proven skills if you want to earn substantial money quickly. You may rediscover your love for your work once you are out of cubicle hell.

Where should I look for assignments?

I teach you exactly how to get work from companies, preferably those with substantial budgets. Why successful companies instead of individuals who may hire you?

Let Willie Sutton, legendary bank robber, give the answer he gave when asked why he robs banks: Because that's where the money is.

Here's a second good reason that even Willie overlooked: because it's easy to find the banks.

What is Your Talent? I Predict That You Can
Put It to Work as a Freelancer or Consultant

Here are some of the many jobs that can be done by a solopro. Which one resembles your last good job?

  • Writer
  • Graphics designer
  • Accountant/bookkeeper
  • Computer programmer
  • Editor
  • Engineer
  • Fundraiser
  • Grant writer
  • Medical / billing administrator
  • Package designer
  • Photographer
  • Political advisor
  • Translator / interpreter
  • Computer consultant
  • Corporate trainer
  • Human resources administrator
  • Marketing consultant
  • Internet marketing consultant
  • Conference and event planner
  • Virtual assistant providing administrative and technical support services
  • A freelancer or consultant doing almost anything that a company needs done
Bob Kantor"What I really appreciate about Diana is that she is no-nonsense. She KNOWS that what she has to offer works. She is compassionate and absolutely wants the best for everyone she works with. She knows the ins and outs of trying to get a job and how desperate folks are to get out of the horrible job market and achieve to their highest callings. If you want to learn not only the steps of how to freelance but also have someone who will see you through, then Diana and her ebook are your ticket. She means business!"

Kat Miller, Mill Valley, CA

Step 2: Contact the Best Prospects First

Think a bit about the kinds of companies most likely to want your services. Now think about the job titles of people most likely to have the clout to hire you. (My book tells you how to find the names of these individuals.)

Once you know who can hire you, how do you contact them?

OK, I'm counting on you to stay with me here for a moment so you don't miss out on the most effective way to get assignments.

Here goes:

Phone the right people.

Yes, you read that right. It's what people commonly call "cold calling."

I prefer to call it "telephoning," but Google calls the shots -- you may not have found this page without typing in "cold calling."

Some people proudly state they would never stoop that low. So instead they network with everyone they see, asking almost-strangers for connections to job leads. They befriend people on Facebook and LinkedIn they have never met. They waste hours surfing the Internet without connecting with the right people.

What they don't realize is that phoning is an honest, effective way to offer your services to those who need them . . . and have the budget to pay you.

Phoning is easy because you start with a script. You know exactly what you will say. (And if you don't know yet, I'll provide you with the exact words to say. It's as if I'm whispering in your ear.)

Here's a little-known secret: Most of the gurus who preach that they have an "easier" way did phoning themselves. In fact, if you read much at all about the pros, you'll find that almost all of them started with telephoning. . . because it works!

If you have argued with your insurance company . . . asked someone on a date . . . or called in sick to work, you have already succeeded at more challenging phone tasks than what I'm describing.

So why not give it a try?

Depending on your phone plan, each call is cheap to free. (And if it isn't cheap now, just wait till you read Special Report #4, which tells you how to slash your phone costs.)

You can get started right now, right where you are. Literally. Even at home in your PJs.

Bob Kantor"I just finished reading Diana’s ebook and all I can say is "amazing." The ebook is packed with so much useful information that anyone considering going into business for themselves should read it. Diana takes your hand and walks you through every step to get started and maintain a thriving solo business. I don't think she has left a stone unturned in providing you with every detail needed. It is obvious she really knows her stuff and is very generous in sharing all her experience." 

Elaine Lockard, Norfolk, VA

Step 3: Get Real! Define "quickly" as 30 Days, not 30 Minutes.

As I said, it's going to take many calls. Perhaps many, many calls. But while individual results vary, this system may well give you paying work in only four weeks.

And even if you don't work the program at maximum intensity, this system is much more likely to pay off than scattered efforts, or worse yet, doing nothing at all.

Becoming a solopro may be OK, but I want a "regular job" you may say.

I hear you.

Freelance and consulting does not close the door on the job you want. In fact, it throws open the door to new opportunities.

You certainly do have the time to solopro while you look for a real job. Here's the secret about how to look for both types of work at the same time:

Stop all the job-hunt activity that isn't getting you anywhere.

Come on, we both know you look at online job boards even though they're a waste of time. And you send off resumes for jobs you don't want or can't do.

(I did it too though I also knew better. Couldn't help it. I felt so guilty about not having a job.)

So admit what isn't working and stop doing it.

And turn off the TV and Facebook games.

Is this system for you?

Yes! This System is Right for You If. . .

  • You have valuable skills and work experience. You qualify for professional, technical or administrative assignments.

(By the way, if you don't know exactly how to translate your tech and admin skills into a specific business, there's a solopro job that fits you perfectly. Become a virtual assistant. It's the real deal in this digital age. You can work for a wide range of companies and earn substantial fees. Don't miss Special Report #3.)

  • You can talk on the phone. I'm not talking about those horrendous telemarketing jobs where the boss listens in on your calls. I'm talking about typical phone calls. If you have a phone and you use it (who doesn't?), I'm sure you can do this.
  • You are open to new ideas. You don't follow the crowd blindly.

Take the concept of telephoning. There's not a lot of advice out there on how to do it . . . while everyone and his brother wants to get you started on Facebook and Twitter.

That's because phoning sounds hard and online socializing (such as FB and T) looks easy.

But looks are deceiving. Playing around on FB and T is easy, but actually transforming hours of play into paying work is rare.

And since "social networking" is all about relationship building, let me ask you: How many profitable relationships do you expect to establish in your first month?

Just wait till you see Special Report #2. It spells out why 17 popular marketing steps can be scratched off your first to-do list. And it will help you stand up to the well meaning but untested advice of family and friends.

Phoning truly is easy once you get your feet wet.

It doesn't matter if you're an introvert (like me) or an extrovert. You'll know exactly what to say. No awkward pauses that make live networking events so scary. When the phone conversation is done, you simply say thank you, good bye and hang up.

  • You want to work. Now! That's the biggie.
Easy, isn't it? Yes!

Buy Now!

If you are sick of the job hunt and even tempted to give up, freelance and consulting opportunities won't just bring in cash. They'll repair your very soul.

This system isn't for everyone, but frankly, those people haven't read this far. They want to get rich quick. They want to rake in gobs of cash while they sleep. And I'd guess they aren't too smart either.

You Want to Start Freelancing or Consulting, But Isn't There an Easier Way Than Telephoning?

I promise you: telephoning is easy once you know how to do it. But let's look together at alternatives that at first glance may seem more pleasant.

  • Temporary assignment boards, such as Elance and Guru. Could work. But lots of this stuff pays really, really low. And writing winning proposals is a big (unpaid) job in itself.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Fun but I've never heard of anyone who has come up with paying work right off the bat. (It's possible but I haven't heard of them.) This is about building relationships, and building relationships takes time. Believe me, if this works as we'd like it to, you'd hear success stories all the time. After all, the number of people on these networks is humongous.
  • Networking. Sure, go ahead. Give it a try. But haven't you already tried it? How's it been working for you? Yeah, I thought so. (And you're not alone here. I'd guess that many of the people you network with are unemployed. So good luck.)
  • Call your old employer. Yuck!!! Would you rather position yourself as an accomplished professional or a beggar going after their crumbs?
  • Find a high-priced consultant to teach you their marketing system.

    Two catches here: First, most of the reputable coaches won't work with a total newbie. They teach how to build your existing practice, not how to start from scratch.

    Second, this coaching is expensive. "Systems in a box" typically cost in the hundreds of dollars. Extended personal coaching and Las Vegas get-togethers run in the thousands.
Bob Kantor

"I wish this book was around when I quit my job and started my first consulting practice! The information that Diana provides and the system she teaches (and uses herself) would have saved me lots of time and wasted effort. And I'm sure I would have had money coming in much sooner.

"You'd think I'd have it all figured out as I'm well into my third freelance/consulting practice, but reading her book gave me great ideas to boost my current business too.

"Whether you're just starting out or your business has room for improvement, this book is full of helpful, practical and insightful information. It's a great blueprint to get started fast."

Shannon Wilkinson, Portland OR

Here Are All the Answers You Need . . .

...and you can download the entire 123-page manual plus four invaluable Special Reports RIGHT NOW as a convenient, online-only PDF.

I've written this manual to save you from years of learning the hard way SO YOU CAN START making money quickly as a FREELANCER or CONSULTANT.

Let me show you:

  • How to immediately find the best niche FOR YOU!
  • Why Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are too slow and ineffective for getting clients if you are starting out.
  • How to go after the best clients--even if you have no connections.
  • Exactly how to get your freelance or consulting business up and running in a single day.
  • And how to be ready for each of the potential stumbling blocks that can threaten your success at any moment.

This Ebook is the Only One of Its Kind!

Start Freelancing and Consulting, my ebook, is one of a kind because it is the only resource I know of that tells you how to become a freelancer or consultant for companies and how to do it fast. It teaches you exactly how to get your first clients. After all, you have to walk before you can fly.

This book is one of a kind because it shows you how to market your unique talents. When you build on your own experience, it's clear why you deserve substantial pay right from the beginning.

This book is one of a kind because it doesn't require you to develop a "relationship" with corporate clients before you offer your services.

If you've done some reading about online marketing, you may have seen something about Know-Like-Trust.

If not, here's the idea: "They" (the experts) say that people will only work with you if they know, like and trust you. In other words, they only work with people they have a relationship with.

Uh... that sounds like it will take time. Lots of time. How many relationships of trust do you expect to develop and then convert to cash in 30 days? Think you can manage even one?

But there's a much bigger problem here. Business clients don't care that you enjoy tango, sunsets or bread baking. They don't care if you have a kitty cat or a puppy dog or a talking parakeet. That's Facebook and Twitter chitchat. It's totally out of touch with your marketplace in the corporate world.

People who spend corporate money want to know that you can do the work without their hand-holding. They're tied up in putting out fires and attending meetings. They must trust you to do the job right with minimal involvement on their part. Know and like can come later . . . if ever.

This book is one-of-a-kind because it tells you exactly what to do and what to say. This book is about action, not about the law of attraction or positive thinking.

Now don't get me wrong. Having the right attitude sure helps. However, you still need to take action, right? As God told the guy praying to win the lottery, "Come on, buy a ticket already."

This book is your ticket.

This book is one-of-a-kind because it is direct, down to earth and even funny. That's intentional. Sharing in the sass supports us in doing the marketing that has to be done.

Bob Kantor

"I like Diana’s common sense, no miracles approach. This kind of down-to-earth advice and perspective, spiced with Diana’s incorrigible humor, was exactly what I needed (and still need) when starting my own business. I especially appreciate her comments about marketing. It’s a task many freelancers know little or think nothing about before striking off on their own. Yet it’s critical to success. This guide is the proverbial hand-holding I never had, but wanted and needed."

Michele Jiménez, Kvicksund, Sweden

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Start Freelancing and Consulting
Answers all Your Questions

This book is one-of-a-kind because it answers the questions that gnaw at you and it answers so many questions you haven't even thought of yet.

I think you'll agree that this page has been gosh darn informative. But this 123-page ebook answers so many more questions that haunt you . . . or will that will keep you awake next week.

Here are down-to-earth answers: exactly what I'd tell you over coffee.

Do You Have the Answers to These Questions?

  • Do I need to choose a niche? Do I need it my very first day in business? What if I haven't yet decided? This advice will set your mind at ease.
  • Can I have more than one niche? Can I market to more than one niche at a time? If I have a niche, do I have to turn down other assignments that don't fit in? Yes, you can have more than one niche. Let me show you how to do it without driving yourself crazy.
  • How can I know in advance if I will succeed? Why you have more power over your success than you may think.
  • How do I describe what I do so people will beg me to work with them? We are talking about corporate clients here. The answer is different for business customers than for consumers. Much different!
  • What is the single most important question to ask in evaluating my marketing plans? I'll bet my answer is different from yours. See if mine doesn't help you evaluate new marketing ideas as they come on your radar.
  • How can I take the yuck out of live networking events?
  • Should I ask the same person for a freelance assignment and a full-time job at the same time? If you are still looking for a "regular" job, you must read this or you could really blow it!
  • What if I call about freelance work and they suggest a full-time job? Watch out. Potential mine field ahead. Here's why.
  • Why do solopros network differently than job hunters?
  • What benefit should I never sell? Why not? When you see others still selling this alleged "benefit," you'll see how icky it is.
  • How do I write short marketing pieces that others will want to read? Bet you can guess from this letter right here that short is not where it's at. Let me explain why.
  • What should I say when I call people? I'll give you a script you can instantly customize and use. This ebook is the only place I reveal my script.
  • Should I leave a voice mail message or simply call back tomorrow? Darn right you should leave a message. I tell you exactly what to say.
  • Who should I phone? You may already have access to the perfect list but you haven't thought about it as your calling list. And no, it's not the phone book.
  • When do I call a prospect by their first name? Make this decision before someone answers your call. If you don't, you'll feel like a stammering fool.
  • How do I get my phone call past the gatekeeper? What if the administrative assistant tries to block my call? How do I penetrate the corporate fortress? Knowing how to deal with this saves you from stress.
  • How do I cope with rejection?
  • Should I phone my last employer for assignments? You last boss should be your first call, right? Or maybe not? How to know for sure.
  • How much should I research a company before calling? How do I determine the solution to their problem before I dial?
  • What if they ask why they should hire me? What do I do better than the competition? Gulp!!
  • How many sales calls must I make? What percentage will be successful?
  • Are my phone calls a nuisance? Are they spam? Obviously I believe phone calls benefit prospects. You have to understand why they benefit people so you feel good about making calls.
  • Why is telephoning so much easier than in-person networking? Yes, it is . . . especially if you are an introvert.
  • Should I accept assignments "on spec"? That's speculation. As in "not a sure thing."
  • How do I make sure I get paid promptly?
  • What do I do if a client resists paying? Should I take them to small-claims court? Call my attorney?
  • How many billable hours are in a typical day? Beginners assume the answer is eight billable hours a day . . . or more. It took me years to find that this is not realistic -- for anyone -- on a regular basis. Misinformed napkin calculations can cost you a fortune in terms of both money and stress. Caution: your mental health is at stake here!
  • How do I assure that I will have a steady income as a solopro?
  • How do I determine what to charge? See my handy formula to determine your market value. This is one of the book's coolest features, and this is the only place you'll find the answer.
  • What is the best way to determine how to price a project? By the hour? Flat fee? I'm a bit of a contrarian here too. Some people disagree with me, but see what you think.
  • This list merely scratches the surface. There's a lot more invaluable questions and answers in this 123-page ebook manual.

Plus You Will Learn . . .

These four Special Reports help you get a fast start to make real money as a solopro freelancer or consultant.

Special Report #1 ~ 15 steps to Get Your Business Up and Running in 8 Hours or Less.

I'm so excited about this Special Report--it's my favorite part of the whole thing! If I knew then what I know now, my business would have had a much smoother start.

In this Special Report I list 15 action steps and show you exactly how to put them in place. I strip each of these steps down to the basics, complete with templates and examples as needed.

Once you do these simple things you'll be further ahead than many people who have been in business for years but still don't have all the fundamentals in place.

Here is the only place I reveal these 15 steps. Each of these steps can be overwhelming if you want to get them right. I assure you, with this information, you can check off each one in minutes.

Special Report #2 ~17 Projects to Postpone . . .Perhaps Forever.

Ooooh oooh wait, I was wrong. The 15 steps to get started are invaluable, but the 17 don't do's are even better.

As soon as you tell your family and friends that you freelance or consult, they will start listing off marketing projects you should do. And the more "help" they offer, the more overwhelmed and inadequate you'll feel.

Listen, marketing ideas are a dime a dozen. You need this list to take unnecessary activity off the table. Liberate yourself from the weighting down of "free" advice. Put down the weary load they try to place on your back.

I assure you: you can market your services effectively and still have time for a life.

This list is top-secret. But I'll give you a taste right here. Number 1: You don't need to write out a business plan. I'll tell you why a lot of the so-called experts are wrong about this.

Special Report #3 ~ What is a Virtual Assistant? What does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Kathy Goughenour, VA coach extraordinaire, wrote this report especially for you.

If you have professional, technical, administrative or secretarial skills that have made your company's office run smoothly--regardless of what your actual work title was -- this report is a real winner.

I haven't seen anything else like it. It will add a solid framework to help you figure out exactly what you do that people will pay you for.

And by the way, depending on your specialty, the market demand and the money can be terrific!

Special Report #4. How to slash your telephone costs

My executive vice president of IT (and hubby), Wayne Schneidman, wrote this report because he saw a crying need for it when he read my ebook.

Wayne has made long distance costs a non-issue for us and he knows how you too can minimize or even eliminate monthly phone bills. Once you have these cost-saving plans in place, you can phone prospects and clients around the world without monitoring the time.

Phoning for work is a really cheap way to get assignments . . . if you have the right phone plans in place.

So throw out that egg timer!

Buy Now!

What Does All This Info Cost?

There's no question that this book can save you months of time in attracting paying clients. Not only does this mean money will flow in sooner, but it also means you're less likely to get discouraged and give up.

If I used this argument to price by value, this manual and 4 Special Reports would rightly cost in the thousands of dollars.

But instead, I priced this book really low, way below what you'll earn on your first assignment and quite possibly priced lower than what you'll earn in your very first hour.

Friends suggest that I price it high to match the competition.

But wait! There is no real competition. I don't know of any other book that teaches what this ebook teaches: how to start getting assignments quickly and how to launch your new career in your own professional field.

Considering how quickly this manual will help you bring in the green, it is easily worth a reasonable $97.

Then I priced it at $47 for awhile.

However, I want to help you make your right decision with confidence. So I am charging only $24.95 at this time.

Remember, I've lived this book and I know my techniques can work.

You'll learn EXACTLY HOW to get the assignments you want and enjoy self-employment. You'll have a precise action plan in place to transform your life.

I want you to experience the satisfaction you will feel when you take control of your life and the money begins to flow in.

Plus, you have my iron-clad 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days.

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  • Special Report #3. What Is a Virtual Assistant? What Does a Virtual Assistant Do? If you have strong work skills but don't know quite how to frame them as a business, becoming a virtual assistant may be the answer. This Special Report spells out how to choose the best specialty fast.
  • Special Report #4. How to Slash Telephone Costs. Whether you are phoning prospects to get assignments or consulting with current clients, you have to control long distance expenses. Learn how to do it right here.

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